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Residente Balear

¿Te gustaría disfrutar de unos días de vacaciones sin moverte de las islas? JS Hotels te ofrece un descuento exclusivo por ser residente en Baleares.

  • Código promocional válido solo para residentes de las Islas Baleares.
  • Imprescindible presentar acreditación de residente en el momento del check in. (DNI con dirección en Baleares o Certificado de residencia en vigor).
  • En el caso de que no se cumplan las condiciones de residencia, se deberá abonar el importe total de la reserva sin descuento.

Best price guaranteed

JS Hotels guarantees you will not find our hotels at cheaper rates on any other website.

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To use the best price guarantee, follow these simple steps and complete the following form:

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Health insurance

Free service exclusive to guests who booked directly through the website www.jshotels.com. Only for reservations with stay in 2021.

Also covers cases of COVID-19.

What to do if you need assistance after suffering an accident or do not feel well:

You must request assistance by calling 93 366 9581 and indicate your name, policy number*, location, telephone number of the place where you are staying and what you need.

*You will find your policy number on your booking confirmation.

The insurance covers:

In the event of the death of total permanent disability of a guest caused by an accident inside or outside the facilities of the Hotel during the guest’s stay in the establishment.

We will pay or reimburse medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses resulting from an accident or any disease that may have occurred during the stay.

If a guest is convalescing and a doctor recommends not travelling home, we will absorb the costs resulting from the prolonged stay in the hotel.

We absorb the costs of transporting the policy holder, even under medical supervision if necessary, to a hospital centre near their habitual residence when hospitalisation is not immediately necessary.

If the travellers accompanying the ill or wounded policy holder cannot continue travelling by the means initially planned, we will absorb the cost of transferring them to their habitual residence. If they are underage, we will provide a person to travel with them to their habitual residence.

AXA will undertake the formalities and provide the necessary and mandatory means in compliance with the legal and administrative conditions necessary to repatriate the deceased to their habitual residence and absorb the minimum necessary costs for embalming and purchasing a coffin for the transfer.

If the travel companions should not be able to return by the originally planned means or if their return ticket does not allow them to, AXA will absorb the costs of transferring them to the site of the burial or their habitual residence.

If during a trip the spouse or partner, forebear or descendant in the first degree of a policy holder should pass away, AXA will absorb the extraordinary costs necessary to arrange for the early return of the policy holder by public transport to their habitual residence.

If a guest passes away due to an accident occurring within 24 hours after checking out of the establishment.