JS Corso Suites 4*, JS Corso Suites 4*
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JS Corso Suites****

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JS Corso Suites****

An extraordinary experience in a perfect setting

JS Corso Suites 4-Star is a fully renovated hotel where you can relax while on holiday in a comfortable place. The décor in the common areas, with a plethora of plants and an open concept, will leaving you feeling free and imparts a sense of wellbeing, letting you enjoy your holiday in an exceptionally enjoyable environment.

Its facilities and the characteristics of its rooms make it the perfect place for both families and couples. The hotel is located in Portocolom, Mallorca, just metres from the shore. It has gorgeous views of the port. Its suites are fully equipped and in the common areas you'll find that the pool and snack-bar area and the buffet restaurant are particularly impressive.